Sustainable values


We value quality over quantity. It is not a matter of mass producing leather bags at the cheapest price. Our passion lies in the quality. As you probably know quality is always seen in the detail. You can tell from the leather. From the zipper. From the lining. From the functionalities. From every little stitching actually.

We value slow fashion over fast fashion. We don’t wish to contribute to overconsumption. We create timeless and long lasting pieces that will suit your wardrobe season after season. We create new designs when we feel inspired and not because the weather changes. We wish to do things in our own pace – because this is the only thing that makes sense.

We value sustainability over traditional work methods. We choose sustainable and responsible materials at every chance we get. Realizing that this isn’t always an economically sustainable choice. We are not perfect. We probably never will be. But we strive every day to be better than yesterday.

Kontainer Copenhagen Camel Crush Workbag

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Handbraided bags
Owner and Designer Camilla Askou Hvingelby
Sewing Machine
Owner & Designer Camilla Askou Hvingelby
Designs made completely from scratch


Behind the brand is baglover Camilla Askou Hvingelby. Coming from a background as Master in Business Administration, she missed being creative. She spent her first paycheck on an industrial leather sewing machine. Oh boy, who knew it was possible to fall in love with such a simple machinary.

Camilla designs every leather bag from her office located in Vejle. Although Kontainer was founded back in 2014 while she lived in Copenhagen. Every first drawing and stitch is made here. No quick and dirty methods – only designs made completely from scratch. From the idea stage to the process of making patterns and prototypes.

Camilla explains, “I could easily start by sending a sketch to my manufacturer. But I prefer working with leather directly in my hands. What works well on a piece of paper, doesn’t necessary work well in 3D. So it actually saves me some time to make all firsthand prototypes myself. Not to forget, the smell and feel of leather is amaaazing.”

Highest Quality

No compromises are made. Only the best materials are worthy for a Kontainer – a slow fashion bag.

Danish Design

Coming from a Danish Design tradition, simplicity and functionality is a natural part of our DNA.

Because it is a kontainer


Quite simply because we do make Kontainers. When people ask this question, we always explain by comparing our Kontainers to a shipping container. Yes, the one down at the harbour. Although we believe ours are much nicer. Digging a bit deeper a container symbolizes everything we stand for.

In short. Solidity, functionality & simplicity.

The longer version

It’s very solid. Did you know a shipping container can carry up to 28 tons of weight? Our Kontainer is made to last with high quality materials.

It’s very functional. A container has a specific size to fit both ships, trucks and trains without reloading cargo. Our Kontainer is designed to be worn multiple ways too.

It’s very simple. A container is basically just a squared box. It’s rather understated and doesn’t show of much – but makes a great impact. Our Kontainers states elegance and a minimalistic approach. A classical design that will last for many years.


Is the year Kontainer was founded. Our birthday is december 1st 2014 to be exact.


Is the number of women already owning a Kontainer. Thank you to each one of you for making our dream come true.


Is how many kilometers of YKK Excella zipper has been used for production so far. And still counting.

Sustainable luxury

What we offer

  • Danish Design
  • Sustainable materials
  • Free shipping & return in DK
  • High-end quality

  • Social responsible production
  • Free repair service