I love the joy of giving a Christmas present. But finding that special thing for your loved one (that is not already included in the wish list) is not an easy done job. Although it soon becomes all worth the trouble and hassle, when seeing your best friend, husband or mother’s surprised eyes and big smile as they open it.

If you ask me what I want for Christmas, the list is endless (almost). However, I loooove when my friends and family dare to think outside the box and surprise me with something special and unique.

As long as you always can exchange the present, then there is really no harm done, is there? But where do you find those smaller brands that are not seen on every street corner (yet though)?

As the owner and designer behind KONTAINER, I naturally come across so many lovely one-of-a-kind brands. So, when I was asked, ”what the designer behind Kontainer desires for Christmas?” it was actually easy-peasy.

A handful of designers popped into my mind. I have been following them on Instagram for a while, and some of their products definitely have my name written on them.


1 – CRAKE + ORYX, Limited Edition Tee

A staple in my wardrobe is a good quality basic tee. These t-shirts are of eminent quality but even better, the graphic print is not only super chic, and dyed into the fabric which means no plastic, it is also a limited edition. Oh and did I mention that the fit is just perfect?


2 – Schulz by Crowd, Docca Dress Black

A present that will stay in my wardrobe for years is classic silk dress. This little black dress challenges me to go all in on colourful accessories. Also, this dress is not an ordinary basic black dress. It is made by one of the Schulz by Crowd community designers (among 100 that make up Schulz by Crowd) which are the masterminds behind this silky beauty.

I love pieces where I can dress up or down depending on the occasion. The clean cut will fit perfectly with high heels as well as boots. The sweet button details in the back makes up a dress that is worth investing in.


3 – DAWNxDARE, Mars Multi Stripe Cardigan

Every winter I have to own a cardigan that I can practically live in! The low temperatures in Denmark, indeed requires a warm cardigan.

This cardigan is not only handmade in Italy in the finest and softest mohair, but the design is also to die for. The colour combination will spice up any outfit and the soft touch to your skin makes you want to wear it to bed.


4 – ByMille, DazzleMe Necklace

I do not wear lots of jewelry but the few I wear have to be worth it! This simple and beautiful necklace says it all. I could use it to style up an everyday office look, or it would go perfectly together with an evening outfit.

I myself would choose the gold plated necklace but if you are “silver kind of a girl” you can also opt for that. As a bonus, the jewelry is made from sustainable silver under fair trade conditions! What’s not to like…


5 – Tanja Baltzer, Fuck Det Poster

I love to give my home mini-makeovers with simple changes such as a new poster. Not only am I a big fan of the colour of this poster, but also more importantly this text could be a reminder to myself: To be a bigger person and not get my mind stuck on stupid little things that tend to drain all energy. Just let it go!

As a designer and entrepreneur life can be a bumpy ride, that’s why I have to be better at saying, Fuck It! Things will be all right…


6 – Kontainer Copenhagen, Mister Mustard Mini Clutch

The last year I have been craving mustard yellow pieces. Shirts. Scarfs. Gloves. Cushions in my sofa. You name it. But not just any mustard yellow. The colour comes in many shades. Some of them for sure less flattering. No need to name any comparisons, I am sure you have seen it.

So of course it goes without saying that a must in my wardrobe is a matching bag. An absolute personal favourite of mine, is the suede mini clutch in tadaaa…: MUSTARD YELLOW!!! It is the perfect little accessory in the Christmas days to come as well as New Year’s eve.


Hope you feel inspired and a very merry Christmas!

Love from Camilla