Black Friday Blogindlæg


Black Friday is just around the corner and most of us are already quite familiar with the concept. Basically, it is all about buying loads of stuff for almost no money. Everywhere physical stores and online webshops battle to offer the absolute best discount hoping for customers like you and I to rush towards them.

And yes, we have to admit that we too love a good bargain just as much as moths are drawn to a flame. Black Friday as phenomena gets bigger and bigger each year and we save up months in advance in order to spend it all at once.

Surprisingly, the annual black festivity (which in some cases have even spread to days and weeks before Black Friday, yes – apparently one day is not enough) includes price reductions up to 40-70% off retail price. Less reductions are not really worth fuzzing about.

We find it hard to believe that this is a festive day for many of the smaller shops, webshops and start-ups including us here behind KONTAINER.

Unless you as a company have the capacity to catch up on lost revenue by increasing volume, well yes, then your bottom line will bleed. It is not much better than peeing in your pants to keep warm. After all this is not more than a cheeky remark since no one ever felt good about peeing in their pants – not even for a moment.

Keep in mind that many businesses have their largest selling days around Christmas time and is deeply dependent on the revenue. So does it make sense to do Black Friday a month before Christmas? NO! Plain and simple.


Fair products deserve a fair price – also during Black Friday

From the very beginning we decided that our leather bags should not be produced in India or Asia otherwise well-known for their cheap labour and cheap materials. We produce in Turkey under proper working conditions. Of course this has its price. The wages are higher and sustainable materials in high quality does not come cheap.

Smaller collections which are not mass produced naturally also has a higher cost. Our price margin does not allow major price reductions. We simply can’t. We simply won’t.

In the contrary we offer a decent sustainable product together with decent customer service at a decent price all year round. This is fairness to you and I and our planet which we drain for resources with massive and unnecessary consumption.


Buy less, choose well

But hey, didn’t you participate in Black Friday last year? Well yes, we can’t argue that we didn’t. But we learn everyday and have become smarter since. Everybody does it, and so we did too. It’s a pattern of consumption which we don’t wish to support.

We don’t wish for you to buy for the sole purpose of just buying. Don’t buy two bags just because they are cheap – especially not if you only need one new. We would rather encourage you to buy that one bag that you dream of and keep it for longer time. Exactly this is the essence of sustainability.

Original quality design deserves a fair price. Not more, not less. Or at least this is the case with KONTAINER. Every day – all year round. That’s why you will not experience sales in January, during summertime or just because-it’s-sweater-weather-discount.

What we are basically trying to say is that we wish for you to buy when your need arises or you wish to spoil yourself or loved ones in particular. Not because we’re (almost) powerless, when it comes to psychological sales tricks. This makes sense to us. We hope it makes sense to you too? 🙂

Love from Camilla & the team behind KONTAINER