Kontainer Copenhagen Green Power Crossbody
Make your Kontainer last a lifetime


All Kontainers are made of certified sustainable cow leather from a well-reputed Italian tannery. Leather is an incredible durable material and is made to lasts for many, many years. Almost no matter how you treat it. But with good care and treatment, you can make it look its best. That’s why we have gathered a few tips for you to keep in mind.

We distinguish between suede leather and smooth leather. Since the treatment differs slightly. Examples of suede leather bags are Mister Mustard Small Crossbody or Blue Lagoon Crossbody. Examples of smooth leather is Black Love Workbag, Camel Crush Small Crossbody or Crocolicious Crossbody.

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Before taking your new Kontainer into use, please use a spray protectant suitable for suede/leather. The spray is invisible, but leaves a protective layer on the bag making moist, dirt and grease more repellant.

Suede leather tip

If you use your suede bag daily, we recommend using a spray protectant at least once a month. You can never be too generous.

Smooth leather tip

This type of leather is more resistant by nature so using a spray protectant 2-3 times a year will do for most of us.

Kontainer Copenhagen Coral Kiss Small Crossbody


Do not expose your Kontainer to direct sunlight, rain, snow or other liquids. We do not control the weather, and of course exposure cannot always be avoided. So when or if it happens, here’s what to think of.

Suede leather tip

In case of rain stains, please let your suede bag dry naturally and do not rub. When it is dry, brush gently the petite hairs with a soft brush and the hairs will rise again. Of course, add a new layer of spray protectant.

Smooth leather tip

In case of rain stains, please wipe off drops with a dry cloth. Let your Kontainer dry at room temperature. Add a new layer of spray protectant.



We hate to be a party killer, but especially cleaning of suede leather is not easy. Sometimes you won’t even be able to succeed. Therefore, we can’t recommend highly enough using a protectant spray beforehand. Believe us when we say, it makes all the difference. But if you did forget (well, to be honest we do too!), here’s what you need to know.

Suede leather tip: In case of dust, dirt or grease stains, try brushing gently first. If this is not enough try to carefully use a damp soft cloth and gently press the stain. Do never rub since it may leave bigger marks.

Smooth leather tip: Most dust, dirt or grease stains can be removed by simply wiping with a damp cloth. Don’t be afraid to use a little effort if necessary (but don’t overdo it). The leather colour is rather colour fast.

We generally don’t recommend a cleaner product, since it easily removes the colour. However, if the stain cannot be removed you can try a gentle cleaner product. It is always a good idea to test the product on a less visible spot on the bag, e.g. the strap or at the bottom.

Never use soap or any harsh chemicals.

Kontainer Copenhagen Blue Lagoon Small Crossbody
Kontainer Copenhagen Black Love Small Crossbody
Mister Mustard Crossbody


Store your leather bag dry and at room temperature in our dustbag. It allows your Kontainer to breath and (need we say?) avoids dust. Use the original paper stuffing to keep the shape of your Kontainer. Storage it flat – and not in the strap or handles. Since long time pulling will change the shape.

But hey, enough said. Don’t worry too much. Just enjoy wearing your new Kontainer!