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What is No Waste!?

No Waste! is a brand new concept of ours where we wish to elimate waste. Most often it is Kontainers with minor beauty flaws or Kontainers which have been preloved who get a second chance to live the life they deserve. It could be beauty marks in the leather where the cow has had a scratch or a bug bite. It could be a stitching or cutting of the leather gone a little off direction. Most often you will not notice if you don’t know.

In other cases it could be that the Kontainer has lived a former life as a sales sample. This means that the Kontainer has been exhibitied at fairs and therefore can’t be sold as brand new. Sometimes this shows because the leather has already been softened by the touch of hands or has minor scratches or bag corners which show some wear.

We wish to eliminate waste

We have often thought that what a shame, that these perfectly well-functioning Kontainers don’t get the life they deserve. They are simply too good to be wasted.

It is only natural that mistakes happen during a production where so many human hands are involved. It is also natural that show pieces are necessary to exhibit at fairs and events. However it is very unnatural for us, that these Kontainers should go to waste. We wish for them to live a beautiful life like their full-priced peers.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we wish to eliminate waste and make them available to all of you who have an open home and can see through these beauty marks. Who will cherish them despite they are not perfect. In return we will offer them to you at remarkably reduced prices.

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