Sustainability is a mindset, not a commercial strategy


We constantly work to ensure a sustainable product with care for both humans, animals and environment. Our focus is continuously to change traditional choices to sustainable alternatives.

We use certified sustainable leather from a well-reputed Italian tannery. Their processing of hides carries several certifications and acknowledgements. Among others the German ecolabel Blauer Engel and the Leather Working Group gold rated award which recognizes good ethical, environmental and safety practice.

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Kontainer Copenhagen Sustainability Green Power Small Crossbody


Kontainer Copenhagen Black Love Shopper Lining
Playful coloured lining

All linings are 100% cotton Oeko-Tex 100 certified

We use 100% Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton lining minimizing use of harmful chemicals. The cardboard gift box and hangtags come from FSC-certified sources. The ribbon and shipping bags are all made from recycled plastic bottles.

We sort our waste with the purpose of recycle. Actually we have more than 10 different waste bins at the moment. We hope that you will join us and encourage you to recycle and waste sort when ever possible.

We strive everyday to be better. To do better. There is always more to achieve and ways we can improve to benefit our environment. Please, keep in mind that we are not perfect. Some desired solutions have not been invented yet or is economically out of reach. Although we work our best to do better than we did yesterday.

FSC Sustainability Certification

Recycle Sustainability Trademark

A signature feature


Colourful printed pattern

A signature feature in our KONTAINERS are the colourful Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton lining. Just as much as we love a classy outside appearance, we cannot resist giving the inside character with a printed pattern.

Love at first sight

Have you ever owned a black jacket, blazer or coat? We have. And the very one that started the idea, had the most beautiful coloured print pattern inside. It was love at first sight. We asked ourselves, why this is not seen in bags?

Easier to find your stuff

It adds just that special surprise moment when you open the bag. A feeling of happiness. And not least making it easier to find your belongings. So we stopped wondering and just made it happen.

Limited editions

We change the lining regularly according to leather colours and simply our mood. When a specific print is gone, it is gone. Every bag is unique and comes in limited editions down to only 100 pieces of each.

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Zippers that last a lifetime


Every bag deserves a high quality zipper. There is nothing worse than a zipper that runs poorly and uneven. In every KONTAINER we use Excella zippers from the Japanese company YKK.

Have you looked at the zip puller of your jeans recently? There is a good chance it says YKK. Are you curious to know why? Check out this little funny video.

Excella is a high-end collection within YKK. It is not only incredible durable but also beautiful aesthetic wise (says the nerdy-nerdy ones. We know that the majority don’t give it much thought. So don’t worry, you’re not alone). Another nerdy detail. Every teeth on an Excella zip is polished to avoid sharp edges. Meaning no scratches on hands or pulling threads on clothes.

From the very beginning we have sticked to using YKK Excella zippers. Inside and outside. Not once have we received a complaint about a broken zip. This actually says it all. Don’t be afraid to stuff your Kontainer too much. It might not look pretty, but the zipper will do you proud.

Kontainer Copenhagen YKK Excella zippers